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Our Services

Focal points of our services include consulting, technical and economical studies and analyses, client-specific as well as standardized software solutions, workshops and reports. Our system-technical know-how combined with our experience cause us to stand out when working on interdisciplinary questions in the areas of engineering (especially electrical, gas and power engineering) and economics as well as information technology and law.

The dynamic changes of framework conditions in the field of energy supply challenge energy sectors and regulatory authorities with continuously new arising problems. We are pleased to meet this challenge and develop new perspectives in cooperation with our clients.

The following provides some examples of our main services offered over the past years.



Regulation of the energy sector demands from all stakeholders a thorough understanding of respective objectives and assessment methods as well as relevant processes and organisations. Striving for adequate decisions, regulators apply a complex set of instruments.

The regulated companies must be able to comprehend the principles of regulation and the relevant analysis techniques in order to make sure their interests are properly taken into consideration.

We support regulatory authorities as well as regulated companies and their associations in development and critical discussion of regulating principles and the models and techniques applied for their implementation, in analysis of fundamental issues, e.g. concerning influences on network costs, and in conception, presentation and negotiation of positions and decisions on both case specific and general matters.

Asset Management

Well-informed decisions concerning the management of network assets require a comprehensive understanding of how measures and options affect network costs and quality of supply. The optimization of strategic and operative concepts requires to trade off the diverging objectives of minimal costs and adequate quality of supply. Moreover, optimized strategies and complex analysis tools can only be beneficial if the underlying evaluation principles and risk considerations can be conveyed to the involved personnel and effectively integrated in the business processes.

We develop and apply models that allow for the simulation and systematic investigation of cause-and-effect relations. On this basis we support you in the analysis of quality of supply (e.g. reliability) of your network, in the preparation of decisions as to network planning, operation and maintenance, be it for generalised strategic or concrete case specific issues, and in the development and optimization of business processes and the implementation of analysis tools (e.g. asset simulation) for the above fields.

System Analysis

In the past years the decentralization of vertically integrated power supply companies and the entrance of new specialized competitors in the market have had the result that expert knowledge of system relevant correlations between the field of generation, transmission and distribution of energy can often no longer be provided and maintained within the company. At the same time dynamically changing framework conditions and the uncertainties concerning future development of power supply systems are increasing the demand for extensive system analysis for all market players.

We support our customers in the analysis of complex interactions within the power supply system by providing combined simulations of scenarios in the energy markets and in power supply networks taking into account changing influencing factors such as congestion management, grid extension, and the development of renewable energy resources. We provide research towards necessary and probable developments in the power supply system under consideration of political, economical and technical framework conditions. We offer relevant support in decision making, e.g. concerning the economic and business related advantages of expansion projects in the field of generation and network.

Security of Supply

Guaranteeing security of supply is becoming an increasingly difficult and multi-faceted task due to the limiting conditions of a strongly politically influenced and rapidly changing power and gas supply system.

We support decision-makers by providing analysis and studies on the status and development of security of supply; by providing qualitative and quantitative research to determine measurements necessary to guarantee security of supply, such as network expansion, generation and storage extension, contractual control reserve; we offer consultation concerning guidelines and processes which allow an optimal coordination of all market players and guarantee the economically efficient level of security of supply.

Market Design

Over the past decades liberalization of power supply mainly focused on the extensive replacement of a centrally administrative or monopolistic planning entity with competitively organized markets and decentralized decision making structures. Past experience has shown that achievable advantages in efficiency strongly depend on the market design chosen. At the same time precise rules have to be provided to allow the cooperation of market players; these rules have to satisfy the demands of the supply system and at the same time to consider the interests of all parties involved.

Consentec combines the engineering and economic insight required for the assessment and optimisation of market mechanisms. We support market players and regulatory authorities in the development of analysis methods and tools that quantify the technical and commercial consequences of design options as well as in the evaluation and optimisation of design alternatives, e.g. in the field of capacity congestions, tariffication of utilisation of transmission grids, and measuring, balancing and accounting of energy.