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EXOGON is a software tool for the application of model network analyses. The model network analysis was developed by Consentec. It is an analytic technique designed for the evaluation of cost optimal structures in electricity and gas networks. The tool investigates correlations between characteristics of the supply tasks and network costs.

For this purpose the network planning process is emulated in the model network analysis with regard to technical constraints and alle relevant planning criteria.


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Modelling is simplified by neglecting particular cases in such a way that the analysis of basic correlations can be identified with a very small set of input data and at minimal computation efforts. Nevertheless, all relevant criteria as loading, voltage and reliability boundary conditions are considered. In the past model network analysis was used e.g. by network operators to identify potential improvements in distribution networks as well as by regulators to derive general formulae for the description of cost drivers.

For a comfortable application of model network analyses we developed the software EXOGON. It offers quick and easy data input routines and administration of all necessary data. EXOGON allows an efficient process of calculation and provides a grahpic user interface as well as import/export routines to standard software tools.

Due to the complex and varying challenges of our customers we constantly enhance the software tool.


  • clearly arranged user interface
  • quick and easy to use calculus of variations
  • quick calculation even of large data sets
  • integrated annuity cost model